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Meet the QMP board members

Micheal Jones Chairman QMPDSC_3584.jpg
Micheal Jones - Chairman


I was milking 130 Jersey cows with 110 followers and supplied Longley Farm. I was milking Jersey's for 40 years but I sold the herd 4 years ago and now grow cereals and winter cattle for other people.


I'm an ex NFU branch chairman and I'm also a local assessor for the NFU Mutual.


I'm a strong believer in QMP and have been a board member for over 10 years. 

Mr Micheal Jones

Andrew Payling Vice Chairman QMP DSC_357
Andrew Payling

Vice Chairman

David Paull Board Member QMP
David Paull

Board Member

Keith Dale.jpg
Keith Dale

Company Secretary

I am a thid generation Guernsey dairy farmer from Herefordshire with 200 head of traditional English Guernsey cattle. Alongside running the farm I take a frontline role in the faily business, Kelsmoor Dairy, producing luxury ice creams.
Adam Jones

Board Member

David Shaw Board Member QMP DSC_3594.jpg
David Shaw

Board Member

Daniel Lacey.jpg
Daniel Lacey

Board Member

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