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Gold Top is now part of the Graham's The Family Dairy Gold Range

Back in 2017 the board of QMP decided that the Gold Top brand needed to be pushed. After much negotiations with different processors the obvious choice to take the Gold Top brand forward was Grahams Family Dairy from Stirling, Scotland. They are a strong, forward thinking business who are passionate about what they do.

Gold Top has been completely re-branded and re-launched resulting in a dramatic increase in sales and listings in every major supermarket. 

Gold Top products have without doubt an 'across the board' appeal and QMP continue to work closely with Grahams to introduce more products into the Gold Top range and most importantly increase our listings.

QMP works very hard to promote our product jointly with Grahams and with our other loyal partners who understand and appreciate our high quality product.

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Gold Top

1 Litre

Gold Top

Gold Top is the traditional way Jersey milk was made with the cream at the top.


Gold Top


1 Litre

Gold Top Smooth

With the cream mixed through to give a nice creamy taste all the way through the whole bottle.


Gold Top

Unsalted Butter


Gold Top Unsalted Butter

Fresh Jersey cream churned in the traditional farm kitchen manner.


Gold Top

Spreadable Butter

Gold Top Spreadable Butter

A delicious, creamy, slightly salted butter that spreads easily on your toast.


Gold Top

Double Cream

Gold Top Double Cream

A rich, luscious double cream combined with creamy Gold Top milk, especially indulgent.


Gold Top
Natural Yoghurt

Gold Top Natural Yoghurt

Luxurious full-fat Gold Top yoghurt has a creamy texture and a deliciously indulgent flavour. High in protein and a great source of calcium.

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